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Behavior Managment

Fred Jones is known for his behaior managment techniques.  You can follow him here on his blog .  It is loaded with unique supports and strategies.
Katie B's board on Pinterest called behavior management ideas .  This board is filled with many unique ways to help your behavior management.  

Technology in the Classroom

Follow Erin Klein's blog Kleinspiration .  She has loads of great ways teachers can use technology in their elementary classroom.
Follow Amy Burvall on twitter @AmyBurvall .  She is a history teacher, but she also has some great ideas of how to use technology in the classroom.
Jocelyn Sutherland is an Apple Distinguished Educator you can follow her on twitter @JKSuth or you can read her blog.  She  is devoted to helping students become life long learners.  She even has an initiative at her school to help her student become 
familiar  with code!
 Anne Mirtschin is a secondary teacher in Austraila.  She uses technology to connect her student to different places throughout the world.  Many of her ideas could be a inspiration for teachers to help get their classess connected too.  Look for ideas on her blog, On an e-Journey with Generation Y.


Subscribe to Mr. Peter's Classroom on Youtube .  He has videos that you can show in class or use to flip your intermediate classroom.  
Follow Dr. Math E Matics on Twitter.  He loves math and could help teacher understand complex concepts.  


Follow Donna Staten on Pinterest .  She has lots of ideas for art from start of the year to end of the year ideas.  She even has sub plans for Art teachers!   Check her out!
Use the hashtag #artsedchat to chat every Thursday with other art teachers.  They even let you vote for the topic you would like to chat about.  

Physcial Education
The PEGeek combines his love for technology and education.  Find out ways to use technology in your PE class by reading his blog
The Physical Educator is blog designed by two PE teachers.  They want to help other PE teacher professional develop themselves.    

Follow the blog Connected Principals for new ideas for your school and leadership.

Special Education
Follow Laura Kirschner blog .  She is a speical educator in California.  She shares lots of lessons that she is teaching in her classroom.

Click here to find a list of over 93 music educators that you can follow on Twitter. 

Follow Danny Nicholson's board on Pinterest called Science Teaching Ideas and Resources

Check out Amanda's blog A Bookshelf Monstrosity .  She is an elementary school librarian.  Her blog is filled with books to read and share with students and teacher guides to use with them.
Follow Gweneth Jones's blog The Daring Librarian .   She has creative ideas and funny ideas to use in your classroom library.  You can follow her on Google  @GwynethJones - The Daring Librarian