My Professional Learning Network

Within School
I am part of the fourth grade team. With Lindsey Katherman and Kate Keogler.  We work together by sharing resources, planning lessons, and bouncing ideas off each other.  We use the shared drive in our schools to share resources.  We email each other ideas.  We even share ideas via Pintrest.  
I also work with the school librarian Laura Ferantie.  We work together to plan projects to enhance the science and social studies curriculm.

Outside of School
My sister in law Kelly Crawford is also a teacher.  She teaches fourth grade in Attleboro MA.  We share resources and discuss curriculm via email.  
Katie Eyre is a third grade teacher at Elmwood Elementary.  She has her master from Johns Hopkins University in education technology.  We fequently share ideas and strategies on behavior and technology that we are using in the classroom.  We have a Pintrest board that we use to share information and new ideas.   
Victory Chaney is a special educator at Elmwood Elementary.  She has a wealth of knowledge about strategies to help students who struggle with behavior in the classroom and ways to support children with learning disabilities.  She is a great resource!
Flo Conway is a fifth grade math teacher at Elmwood Elementary.  She has an amazing way of thinking outside of the box.  If you want to do something unique or different with your classroom, she's your gal!  We interoffice flashdrives to share resources.
Sharon Ward is the principal at Carney Elementary.  She is a former speech pathologist.  She loves talking curriculum.  She has helped me develop professional through her  very successful book clubs with her teachers during grade level meetings.  

I subscribe to Mr. Peter's Classroom on Youtube .  I use his videos to flip my classroom.  Sometimes I just watch them to get his strategy for teaching a particular math skill.  
I follow Charity Preston on pintrest .  She has loads of different ideas for the elementary classroom everything from brain breaks to assessment.
I follow Natalie Janiszewski on Twitter.  Natalie taught Intro to Educational Technology at Loyola Univeristy.  She is always able to find ways to use new and useful technology in the classroom.
I read Catlin Tucker's blog .  Although she is an English teacher I find her use of technology helpful, even when working with younger students. 
Kleinspiration is a elementary teacher that wow's me with her use of the technology in the classroom.  It is full of helpful hints and new ideas.
Amjad Ali's blog    Agility - Teaching Toolkit is a full of different ideas and tips to use in your classroom.  It really is a toolkit that I use to enhance learning that is already happening in my classroom.  
 Laura Kirschner is a special educator.  I follow her blog Read, Write, Create .  Her blog is filled with real ideas that she is doing in her special education 4 - 6  grade classroom.  Great pictures to go with her posts.  
 Viki Davis writes a blog called Cool Cat Teacher .  Her website is filled with ways to take your classroom from ordinary to exceptional.  She includes everything from inspriations to keep doing the job, technology ideas, and ways to educate yourself.  
I follow Scott Macleod's blog Dangerously Irrelevant .  He has lots of tips to help me stay up to date with technologies to use in my classroom.   He also has interesting insights into things teachers do that I had not thought about!  Always an intersting read.
I follow Tom Murray on Twitter  @thomascmurray .  He makes frequent posts about issues in education and technology in the classroom.  

When following many blogs I suggest using an RSS feed.  I use feedly .  It keeps me updated on all my favorite blogs.  I can get all the blogs on my phone, ipad, or laptop without too much trouble.  For more tips click here .